In 2019, 41 million chat messages were sent every minute. With remote and hybrid working models widely present today, real-time communications such as instant messaging have almost become the only way to communicate within organizations.  

While email and other messaging methods are obviously useful, they cannot compare to the efficiency of real-time communication when properly contextualized. Redefining the organization’s communication channels can be an opportunity to innovate, without requiring major change management efforts. 

Below we see other benefits of contextual messaging in the workplace: 

  • Easy to use: Messaging is widely adopted for personal communication and requires little or no training for end users. The time required to set up and administer a workplace messaging network has also been reduced to become part of the tools within platforms, as is the case with SINTROPI .  
  • Greater transparency: instant messaging promotes regular communication and accessibility. Chat channels for feedback or support help reinforce the company’s goals consistently.  
  • Suitable for all industries: Regardless of the industry your business operates in or how it approaches the market, instant messaging can simplify operations by connecting internal and external departments together, no matter where they are geographically. 
  • Greater engagement between users: Since instant messaging is such an important part of our daily personal life, people love to use it at work because it is familiar. This in turn results in increased engagement among users.  

“The digitization of business processes must take into account the interaction between the users of the process itself to ensure its efficiency and effectiveness.” Shares Stefano Scagnetti, Sales Manager of Eight Twenty. “For this reason, within SINTROPI we have included the contextual chat function as a way to support the speed and transparency of conversations, among other things, avoiding ” side “conversations related to specific tasks and activities. Many of our customers have expressed the need to have an easy communication tool such as mobile chat, integrated with Sintropi, where they can also attach documents and exchange notes and notes, keeping track of changes and additions, with also the function of Research. We are able to answer all of this. “

SINTROPI is the solution that simplifies the management of your company and its processes. 

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